Corporate Governance Guidelines

Message from the Board of Directors

SCG has continuously carried on its business for over 100 years under the thorough supervision of the Board of Directors to fulfill its commitment to just and responsible business conduct toward every stakeholder and adherence to the long-standing principles observed and practiced since the Company's establishment. All of this is achieved under the Code of Conduct, which is constantly reviewed and adjusted to reflect economic and social changes on the basis of balanced and sustainable growth.

The Board of Directors has deemed that the principle of Corporate Governace is a universally-accepted organizational management guideline that closely corresponds with SCG's principles and Code of Conduct. As such, the Company has compiled and employed various bodies of knowledge and practices relevant to organizational management in its business conduct, which is rooted in ethics, integrity, and social responsibility, as consistently practiced and passed down from generation to generation insofar as it is evident and accepted that such guidelines truly correspond with and achieve the same objectives as the principles prescribed by the SCG Corporate Governance. Therefore, these guidelines have been compiled in SCG Corporate Governance, first published in 2003.

Because of the shifting social and economic landscape as well as the global climate of attempts to define guidelines and principles for organizational management that are in line with international corporate governance standards so as to create confidence in stakeholders and promote sustainable growth, the Board of Directors has approved a revision of the content of SCG Corporate Governance to keep it aligned with current changes. The revision is carried out with adherence to the Good Corporate Governance Principles stipulated by the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD), revised and edited to stay in accordance with ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard (ASEAN CG Scorecard), which aims to elevate the Corporate Governance of listed companies in ASEAN to reach international standards.

SCG aims to develop the organization as a model in Corporate Governance and has declared such a commitment in SCG visions because of its conviction that SCG Corporate Governance is a management system that will create justness, transparency, return, and added values for shareholders in the long run as well as create confidence in every stakeholder and promote the Company's competitive capability for sustainable growth.


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