Buffalo Beige
Matte, Wood, 30x30cm
IDR 65.400
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Enigma Terracotta
Matte, Stone, 40x40cm
IDR 80.600
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Verde Grey
Matte, 20x40cm
IDR 87.700
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Prague Beige
Glossy, 30x60cm
IDR 104.700
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Acacia Beige
Matte, 50x50cm
IDR 87.200
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PT Keramika Indonesia Assosiasi (KIA) was established on 1953. At first,the factory only produced few kind of tableware with very small capacity in Tanjung Pandang, Belitung. However, starting 1968, KIA is the major producer of high quality ceramic wall tiles (including its accessories), currently with 725 high performance and well-trained staffs...

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Cowell Tower, 2nd Floor
Jl. Senen Raya No. 135
Jakarta Pusat 10410
Jakarta - Indonesia

P. (021) 3506227 (hunting)
E. mkt@kiaceramics.com


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